One of the things that brought Gary and I together was our love of travel and adventure. We’ve traveled all over the world and no other place has touched our hearts like Kauai. The lush gardens, the secluded beaches, the aloha from the people you meet and the cultural respect of mother earth could only be described as heaven on earth.

Over the years we’ve found adventure in staying at different places throughout Kauai. On one occasion, we stayed at Pu’u Po’a and the display of the waves crashing against the rocky cliffs from almost every room was so exhilarating it is almost like the hours you can contently watch your new born wiggle in your arms – it’s so mesmerizing, it’s all you want to do, it’s the only place you want to be!  From then on we never stayed any other place.

Being from Colorado, we always wake early in Kauai and we have some great family memories sitting on the huge open lanai in the dark of the early morning hours, watching the falling stars above be brighter than you’ve ever seen while listening to the roar of the ocean below.

At the end of the day, people from all over gather at the cliff next to our condo to the watch the sunset over Bali Hai.

The other treasure about Pu’u Po’a is Hideaways beach is just below… incredible snorkeling and as the name indicates, it is a hidden treasure that few get to experience.

From our first stay at Pu’u Po’a we were determined to someday make this place our home. We purchased our condo to take one step closer to living in a place that is heaven on earth and we can’t wait to share the aloha and beauty of Kauai with you!

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