Important Information About Our Condo

AVOID LOCKOUTS: The front door will lock upon closing. Please do not hold the front door open by the deadbolt as the lock can break and you will be responsible for the damages. There is a small button on the inside handle that will release the lock so you can close the door and it will not lock. Please keep the door locked at all times when you are not in the unit. If you get locked out, please call Tracey to obtain the emergency lock box number.

KEEPING PROPERTY SAFE: Kauai weather can change quickly and even short storms can cause flooding in the unit when the windows are left open. Please keep all doors and windows closed while you are away. Do not put wet clothes or towels on the furniture but please hang them in the bathrooms. In addition, to avoid theft, never leave cash, or valuables unattended in the home, vehicle, lanai or on the beach.

SAND: Guests are asked to take extra care to remove sand and dirt from their shoes, bodies and beach equipment prior to entering the unit. There is a foot wash near the bottom of the stairs and a water hose in the middle of the parking lot for rinsing off equipment. Limit the amount of sand that comes into the house and take care to limit the sand that goes down the drainage pipes in the showers. Please no shoes inside the unit.

KEEPING COOL: We do not currently have air-conditioning however we do have the luxury of having windows face in the direction of the trade winds and we are blocked by much of the afternoon sun. Our best advice is to turn on the ceiling fans and open the windows to keep the unit cool. We also keep floor fans in each bedroom closet. If you close the windows and doors in the early morning to trap the cooler air, often the unit will stay cooler for part of the day.

BLACKOUTS: Flashlights and candles are located throughout the condo. Blackouts occur on occasion but are rare and short lived. If the flashlights need batteries, there are batteries in a drawer by the kitchen desk. There are lighters for the candles in a drawer under the Coffee Maker.

BEACH EQUIPMENT: Boogie Boards, Coolers, Beach Blankets, Chairs and Umbrella can all be found inside the closet on the lanai. Please return it here sand free when you depart. Beach Towels can be found in the closet near the washing machine/dryer.

GAMES: We have several board/family games located in cupboard closest to the glass wall by the window.

TV REMOTE: We have cable and to turn on the TV press Power then press Cable.

PESTS: Because we are in the tropics, you may encounter geckos (Hawaiian lore says its good luck to have them in your house!) and other pests. In order to eliminate these encounters, please keep all perishable food in the refrigerator or sealed in the pantry. Ants can find their way to dirty dishes in less than an hour so please scrape all food off into the trash can and place dirty dishes in the dishwasher immediately. In addition, keep all windows and doors closed and locked when you are not in the unit. In the extremely rare event you encounter a centipede, take extreme caution – the centipede can give a painful sting that may require medical attention.

SEWER: To ensure our water/sewer systems are kept unclogged, please scrape all small and large food pieces into the trash rather than down the garbage disposal. This includes but is not limited to vegetable leaves, peelings, skins, egg shells and breads. In addition, do not flush any foreign items such as feminine products, paper towels, napkins, facial tissue, diaper wipes etc into the plumbing system. Guests will be responsible for plumbing repairs due to negligence and causing overflows such as using concentrated dish liquid soap specifically for hand washing dishes in dishwashers and washing machines or flushing objects other than bathroom tissue into the plumbing system.

REFRIGERATOR: Please do not turn the temperature on the refrigerator colder than the recommended setting. Doing so will cause the appliance to shut down and will require a service call which will be charged to your account. Make sure the lower freezer door is alway shut completely when not in use and keep the refrigerator doors closed as much as possible while loading or unloading groceries.

CONSERVE ENERGY: Electricity on Kauai is very expensive so please be energy conscious by conserving energy by turning off lights, fans, TVs, stereos, etc when leaving the unit.

DO NOT MOVE/REMOVE ITEMS: Please do not move the furniture nor remove any items from the unit including but not limited to dishes, silverware, bedding, etc. If you do choose to use the beach and sporting equipment, please return it in it’s original condition, sand free, to the closet on the lanai.

WEATHER SAFETY: The State of Hawaii is exposed to Tidal Wave/Tsunami/Hurricanes and Flash Flood threat. Be aware and take precaution that the roads north of Hanalei can become flooded in events of strong rain. Please refer to our local phone book regarding inundation area and evacuation instructions should a threat occur.

Important Information About Our Condo NOISE: Due to the tropical nature of Hawaii, most residents and guests keep their windows open while they are in the unit. We are not held responsible for any noise pollution including construction outside of the unit.


Tennis Courts are at the other end of the parking lot. Reservations are recommended. To reserve the courts, visit the Resident Manager’s Office.

The Pool is on the other end of the parking lot on the ocean side of the 1st building. It is open from 8am-9pm. A key is required to enter the pool area. No life guards are on duty – swim at your own risk.

Sunsets – There are two great sunset viewing places. The first is on the patch of grass between our complex and Pali Ke Kua that you pass before you entered the complex parking lot – there are benches to sit and many people gather here. From the parking lot, walk toward the street and turn left. Walk up 50 feet and you are there! The second is to walk past the tennis courts, past the St. Regis Parking Lot and there is a large field that is another great place to view the sunset although there are no benches.

How do I get to the beach below?

Hideaways Beach is accessed by a narrow pathway in between the fence next to the pool and the small public parking lot on the west side of the Puu Poa complex. Walk along the street toward St. Regis and you will see it on your right. The path goes right past the pool on the other side of the fence. It is best to take things in a back pack and stay hands free as it is a hike down to the beach and it will require you hold onto some ropes on your way down. Excellent snorkeling in the summer! Although sharks can appear in any beach, we’ve been told by locals that in October, sharks migrate about a half mile off the shore to give birth to their babies. The surf is so strong here during the winter months, swimming is not advised.

Puu Poa Beach is accessed by a walking path that runs along the south side of St. Regis. This is where many of the locals go to surf which is why that small parking lot next to the Hideaways path is always full. It is about a 10 minute walk. Walk toward St. Regis and on the opposite side of the road from Puu Poa, you will find a walking path – simply follow it to the end. There is a restaurant/bar located right next to the beach area.


Please be careful when visiting the Kauai beaches. There are many beaches that can be very dangerous at different times of the year. The lifeguarded beaches on the North Shore are Hanalei Bay, Haena Beach Park, and Ke’e Beach. Visit for up to date information on ocean conditions.

Here are some good ocean safety tips from the locals:

  • When in doubt – don’t go out!
  • Keep your eyes on the Keiki (children). Never let them out of your sight.
  • Never turn your back on the ocean, even in ankle-deep water.
  • Swim only at lifeguarded beaches.
  • Lifeguards post warning signs. Don’t ignore them – read and heed them!
  • Waves come in sets. It can look calm for up to 20 minutes between dangerous sets of huge waves. Watch the water for 20 minutes before going in.
  • Hazards can exist in ANY coastal area – not just in the water. Be careful on wet sand and rocks.
  • Do not fight a rip current. If caught in a rip current, keep calm, float, breathe and don’t panic. Swim with the current and conserve energy.
  • Use the buddy system and never swim alone. Know your limits.When you put safety first, you will enjoy your time on the Garden Island and return year after year! Be safe and enjoy!


Local Sirens/Emergency Information: KKCR FM 90.9, 91.9, 92.7 General Emergencies: KONG GM 93.5, 94.5
Kauai Police Dispatch: 9-1-1 or 808-826-6214
Fire Deparment, Hanalei: 9-1-1 or 808-826-6333


Kauai County Information: 808-241-6300 Kauai Ocean Safety Bureau: 808-241-6506 Kauai County Civil Defense: 808-241-8100 Road Conditions: 808-241-1725

Kauai Utility Company (Electric Trouble): 808-246-8200 Hawaii Telecom Repair Service 611
National Weather Forecast, Hawaiian Waters: 808-245-3564 American Red Cross: 808-245-4919


Wilcox Hospital (Lihue): 808-245-1100 Emergency Room: 808-245-1010

Kauai Medical Clinic (Lihue): 808-245-1500
Samuel Mahelona Hospital (Kapa’a): 808-822-4961 North Shore Medical Clinic (Kilauea): 808-828-1418 Halele’a Family Medicine Clinic (Kilauea): 808-828-2885


Hanalei Dental (Hanalei): 808-826-4460 Ileana Carreno (Kilauea): 808-828-1863

Important Information About Our Condo


Foodland Pharmacy (Princeville): 808-826-4228 North Shore Pharmacy (Kilauea): 808-828-1844 Safeway Pharmacy (Kapa’a): 808-822-2191 Longs Drugs (Kapa’a): 808-822-4915

Wal-Mart (Lihue): 808-246-1822
Costco Pharmacy (Lihue): 808-241-4009